Fall Newsletter


Contortion with Anastasia Evsigneeva
In this all-levels class, you will be introduced to very specific exercises that will help you learn how to hand-balance and improve your flexibility. It is different from a regular stretching class or a workout because this program will allow you to learn the art of hand-balancing and contortion by providing you with the right progressions. Contortion is about your journey of finding comfort in uncomfortable at first poses. Anastasia will adjust your program depending on your background, level and goals to help you reach them with the most joy and comfort. You will be working towards gaining skills such as handstands in the center with the ability to switch leg shapes, handstand presses, bridges, chest-stands, elbow stands, and more. The class will contribute to your overall fitness, flexibility, and strength.
Tuesdays: 6:30 – 8:30 pm 
Sundays: 11:30 – 1:30 pm
Drop-in $30 / 6 classes pass (1 month expiration period) – $150


$25 / month to join 1 group as a co-creator (needs 6 minimum)

$20 each for 3-4 / $10 each for 5+

Hair Nights – within a cat café on 2nd floor2x month
advertise for cuts, buzz, hair wraps, dread care + more
Comedy Open Mics2x month
Singing / Songwritingweekly
Craft Night Drop-ins2x month – examples* craft workshops $, live paint performances $$, and drop-ins with practical activity guides available and use of diverse supplies
Book Writing Clubweekly – for those who are writers of books, comics, poems, songs, theatre, etc. and of course for book-lovers and those who would support these endeavors ~
Eco-Activists 2x month1st & Last Wednesdays –> 4:00 – 6:30 pm (Eco-Spheric Library / Lounge *open Tuesdays – Wednesdays 10 am – 6 pm) This event is to form some focus groups in the areas of eco-activism, systems change, sustainable cities, gardening + more
Cosmic Wisdom Circuitsmonthly – 1-on-1 insights from accredited teachers & practitioners, geared for seekers of wisdom that would enjoy a wide spread of psychic experiences. Up to 8 different circuits may include – palmistry, tarot, birth chart analysis, iridology, personalized intuitive reading, caricature art, and more*
Mural coming 2023 *
See you next year in the alley for the Exchange Farmers Market

~ Since opening in June 2020 we have hosted a Monday Market in the alleyway beside the building. We also hosted pop-up markets and were encouraged to expand the market outdoors towards Market Square and initiate a bigger Exchange Biz Market.

WILL RESTART MAY 2023 –> Monday Market 12 – 4 pm Open at 11am for Buyers Club* ($5 month) For transient vendors who wish to table throughout the summer $10-20/week. Setup starts at 10:30 am. Only $5/ week if you operate in the Exchange Biz* Open with fresh food from May – October Come and celebrate fresh, healthy produce, locally sourced, greener options, medicine foods, wellness, and healing. Purchase quantities until they are sold. 

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