Movement ~

We are energized and ready to offer a diverse selection of movement sessions* A to Z

Acro Yoga ~ Short for Acrobatic Yoga, where you can learn how to ‘fly’ and flip. This movement class is held by trained teachers who use mats and spotters to make for a safe opportunity to try out various maneuvers that challenge our sense of 360 direction. Beginners encouraged* (Strengthening, Partner-work, Inversions) {Tuesdays 7:30 pm & Wednesdays 7 pm at ‘Tir Na NOg’ @ 83 Sherbrook – call (431) 302-8997 before attending}

Acupressure ~ Helps to release tension with help from pressure point massage and fascia-work using foam or cedar blocks* {fascia is the connective tissues which separate and support the muscles} This session will guide you through relaxation postures and slow movement. (Oxygenating, Cleansing, Individual)

Breath ~ Guided sessions of oxygen enhancing breathing techniques that may include: Wim Hof, Nadi shodhana, Visualizations. Enjoy some of the benefits of this cleansing oxygen therapy such as higher energy and increased heart health. (Lungs, Lymph, Energizing) Follow on IG (new), and come out to experience a combination of dance and extended breathwork to follow*

Contact Improv ~ Use gravity, balance, and mindful movement along with others in a rolling and flowing contact dance. Enjoy the benefits of individual movements and also an optional safe and inclusive group energy. Includes instrumental music and sometimes additional props such as scarves and balls. (Grounding, Trust-Building, Bonding) {***Currently being held at Prairie Circus Arts @ 195 Collegiate St Thursdays from 7 till 9 pm}

Contortion & Handstands ~ In this all-levels class, you will be introduced to very specific exercises that will help you learn how to hand-balance and improve your flexibility. It is different from a regular stretching class or a workout because this program will allow you to learn the art of hand-balancing and contortion by providing you with the right progressions. Contortion is about your journey of finding comfort in uncomfortable at first poses. You will be working towards gaining skills such as handstands in the center with the ability to switch leg shapes, handstand presses, bridges, chest-stands, elbow stands, and more. (Fitness, Flexibility, Strength) ~ With Anastasia Evsigneeva from the performing arts company / Contact for questions +1 204 590 6855 –> Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm & Sundays 11:30-1:30 pm 2nd floor 87 King

Ecstatic Dance ~ A free-style dance event with rhythmic world music, with potential for ecstatic expression. Ecstatic can be known as a feeling of overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. With live performances from a selection of lovely local ensembles. Start with a warmup class at 7:30 leading into the evening of naturally energizing sound. (Rhythmic, Instrumental, Opening) {Bi-Weekly on Fridays 8 – 1o pm @ 83 Sherbrook – see their page

Feldenkrais ~ is a form of somatic education that uses a series of gentle movements and awareness to improve the way you think, move, and feel. It decreases pain and enhances flexibility, coordination, and ease of movement. As your learning deepens every aspect of your life will improve as you become more aware of your own self-limiting habits and beliefs. (Gentle, Therapeutic, Mindfulness)

Kirtan – similar to mantra, but with a musical aspect. Come to sing and dance with Sanskrit songs and sometimes other sacred songs (Listen, Meditative, Vocalize)

Mantra ~ ‘Sacred Speech’ in Sanskrit; enhances our psychological and/or spiritual powers. These vocalizing sessions will increase empowerment, while also focusing on inner dialogue that we experience in the everyday* (Listen, Meditative, Vocalize)

Martial Arts – many varieties of classic & modern disciplines: Qi-Gong, Kung Fu, Self Defense, Tai Kwan Do, Tai Chi, & Zen Archery. (Personal Development, Strengthening, Mindfulness)

Mobility Training ~ This session is open to all skill levels and includes a moderate-high intensity workout, helping to improve our range of movement so we can be more mobile to carry out everyday tasks, or other movement sessions better! May include: Ido Portal styled activities, Primal movements, Group coordination activities. (Flexibility, Balance, Strength)

Powwow Dance ~ Traditional Powwow technique mixed with modern and authentic live recorded music. Come get your heart rate up with the bouncing and spinning, while earning more cultural competency and appreciation. (Rhythmic, Enlivening, Honoring)

Uplifting Dance ~ A moderate-high intensity dance session, packed with inspiring and empowering music. Come feeling energetically drained and leave feeling uplifted, and maybe physically exhausted too. (Musical, Lightening, Fun)

Yoga ~ A very common mindful movement practice that often combines stretching, strengthening postures & breathe work. It is a mindful practice that can include a range of intensities and styles. Main benefits include : opening of muscles, joints, lungs ~ lengthening of spine and aligned posture, along with mental clarity (Opening, Lengthening, Rejuvenating) {Kundalini Yoga is held on Sundays 5 – 7 pm led by Mariah Mailman} by donation} 2nd floor 87 king.


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