Hand in Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder;

Flowing towards Sustainable Sovereignty.

We are open to all the ways of learning and growing upwards with Synergistic Senses. Moving onwards together using Sacred Solutions.

Hand in Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder;

We can create a Utopia.

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Discover Your Utopia

Our mission is to facilitate the healthful emergence of creative community development; Awakening us all to an enlightened consciousness that advocates for societal and environmental justice. We envision eternal and inclusive sustainable living.

Courses, Workshops, Community Events



Includes direct online sales, regular promotional boosts through social media. Open access to any Monday Market throughout the summer, and an exclusive display that we manage. $50/month


Access to the 2500 sq/ft space, plus 4th floor workshop. Storage for materials. Marketing on our calendars and socials. Hosting for 5 hrs/month and additional hours are 50% off rental fee. $80/month

2020 Deal* 3 month bundle for $150


Enjoy unlimited access to movement sessions. Free access to the space for leisure which includes wifi, yoga mats, resource library, and private/semi-private co-working spaces. $100/year


Includes redeemable tickets and open access to all programming, activities, festivities. 25% off goods & services. 5% profit sharing. $900/year

The yew tree is traditionally known to be resilient, strong, and protective. Some of the oldest living yews are logged at being over 7000 years old. Commonly growing next to churches and within cemeteries they are known to symbolize healing, as well as life, death, and regeneration after difficult times. The ability of the yew tree to sprout new roots from branches that touch the ground parallels the hope for utopians to sprout holistic and resilient new development for the present and future generations.


Online Courses: Coursera – World-class learning for anyone, anywhere Innerversity – Knowing everything isn’t enough; you must experience Refine the Mind Courses – Escape the Rat Race, Waking Up from the Matrix, Remembering Your True Power Veg Health Institute – Vegan Mastery & Certificate Courses Sacred Economics: There is no tuition for this workshop. ParticipantsContinue reading “Learning”


Yewtopia is a place for freedom of movement & mindful expression. There are many ways to move our bodies and as winter approaches we are happy to offer an opportunity to continue with a healthful and diverse movement practice. Check out the categories below*

Ways to Participate*

Yewtopia is an interactive space where we are continually seek feedback from the community to understand how we can do better together. This includes challenges, questions, callouts, and surveys. Upon entering you can add your own perspective* September Challenges ~ Kids (ages 5-15) ~ Accepted until September 30th for a chance to win a packageContinue reading “Ways to Participate*”


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