Hand in Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder;

Flowing towards Sustainable Sovereignty. We are open to all the ways of learning and growing upwards with Synergistic Senses. Moving onwards together using Sacred Solutions.

Hand in Hand,

Shoulder to Shoulder;

We can create a Utopia.

Monday: shop in-store/outside 12 – 6 pm

Call ahead to shop, drop-off, or pickup. See our open hours at the top of the main page. Based on availability and sales services.

Additional hours based on events, viewable on the calendar page*

Products & Services

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Check out the weekly MONDAY MARKET

Monday Market is outdoors starting as early as 11am

We honour the lands and all relations. We offer a variety of community initiatives. We offer healing and aspire to live our best lives.

Providing space for pop-ups, start-ups, creative development, and community get-togethers! We are striving to become a retreat space, full or growth and learning, showcasing creative inspiration.


Djembe Drum Classes

Ages 7+ (or younger if adult is alongside them) $10 per kid / or $100 for 12 weeks

Thursdays 5 – 6 pm

~Learn rhythm and beats on traditional djembes in a circle jam. FB messenger group invite upon starting with review videos to practice at home


Ages 7+ / $5 drop-in / For musical kids who enjoy singing and storytelling and poetry.

Thursdays 3 – 4 pm (7-10) Thursdays 4 – 5 pm (10+)

~We practice to increase range, projection, harmonizing, pronunciation; Includes theory to develop stories through lyric.

Creative Movement

Ages 3 to 5 / $5 drop-in / For parents and children to move and play creatively.

Mondays after 1 pm OR Tuesdays (let us know what time works for you)

~Enjoy a drop-in class with a chance to get physical indoors throughout the fall & winter

Homeschooling Groups

Mondays from 4 pm – 6 pm & Tuesdays – Between 10 am & 6 pm

Send us an email to register.

1 to 2 hr session times will range based on sign-ups.

Ages 6 – 9 :

Math (addition, subtraction, fractions, money, decimals, large sums, and other applied math)

Reading (from the wide selection of books in the resource library) & Writing (understanding the english language, with a major focus on phonetics, universal words, and storytelling & journaling.

Arts & Craft (ranging from painting, drawing, puzzle-making, group projects, and more*)

Ages 10-12 :

Reading (from the wide selection of books in the resource library) & Writing (understanding the english language, with a major focus on phonetics, universal words, and storytelling & journaling.

Science (learn about microbiology, ecology, environmental stewardship, and more*)

Arts & Craft (ranging from painting, nature craft, self-portraits, map-making, group projects, and more*)


$20-50 / month

Includes display space in-store & direct sales service; Open access to any Monday Market throughout the summer, and an exclusive display at additional pop-up markets.

We can offer materials, design, and setup of your display at a negotiable amount, if needed.

We would love to support organic, holistic, environmental, handmade, and sacred items.

We have a closet for extra inventory and can help with determining pricing and labels if required.

Every marketeer has access to an exclusive online google document to see sales revenue, inventory, and invoices. All profits are transferred to the makers, monthly or bi-weekly.


$100 / month

Access to the many assets: private rooms, semi-private rooms, and also the community commons front room with large windows. The space includes wifi, coffee machine, kettle, tables, instruments, games, kid toys, and comfy seating throughout. Beyond open hours, and when there are no bookings, you can use the whole space.
★ Storage for materials and equipment. {10×10 or less no extra charge}
★ 5 hrs/month of rental time, which can be split up as needed or used for one event. This can be split up into various bookings throughout the month and is applicable for the large back room, front room, and front office. Additional hosting hours are offered at a 50% discount ($10/hr.)
★ Autonomy to book yourself on the calendar
★ Marketing of creations and events on our calendar and socials as you wish.
★ No contracts; month-to-month fee.


$100-200 / year

This supportive membership option compares to a gym pass, that gets an individual far more then just physical benefits; With a sliding scale for low income and student groups. You will get exclusive access to the event schedule and able to attend many free activities, courses, and classes. Some examples: movement sessions, drop-ins, workshops, movie screenings…

A motivator is motivated to stay active in all the ways. They can attend all public events complimentary, and also get a discount on special events, larger festivals and pop-ups.

You also have full access to any of the available tables for co-working/creating during open hours. Extra open hours will be shared if extended.

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