Ways to Participate*

Yewtopia is an interactive space where we are continually seek feedback from the community to understand how we can do better together. This includes Challenges, Big Qs, Callouts, Reviews, and Surveys.

Upon entering you are encouraged to add your own perspective*

Take a picture

Film a video

Big Qs

Sharing is Caring

Art Submissions

~ Kids (ages 5-15) ~

What does a utopian dream world look like? What would people be doing? How would we feel? Draw what you see in a happy and healthy world.

Using scrap paper, write out as many ‘charade’ ideas as you think of. This will be used in the future for events to guess from people acting them out.

Future after Cov-id

Q and A

  • What service would you love to provide if money was not a factor? (Think about your dream job and how difficult it is to offer that full-time or at a meaningful level without financial resources)
  • Are government hand-outs helpful if we all are lost as to how to help in the situation of societal shut-down?
  • How did you learn about your strengths as a person in relation to helping others?
  • What are your current challenges with finding paid work?
  • What is the best way to build a strong position and role within society?
  • What job categories should be eliminated?
  • What is missing in the job market? (Think about how you could be better supported. Imagine what, where you could use a service and imagine if it had funding to grow and develop)

Send submissions and answers via email or in-person ~

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