Community Drop-ins

Check the calendar for these event drop-ins. Tea and snacks for minimum $5 donation. ABC…. Dream Analysis: (Monthly around New Moon) Explore and investigate dreams together in a sharing circle styled workshop. This includes sleeping dreams from REM cycles, waking/day dreams, and also transcendental visions that we may have during meditation. There will be aContinue reading “Community Drop-ins”


We are ecstatic to host creative education and also provide services to help parents who are new to home-schooling/un-schooling, or any other alternative method. We believe that a positive learning environment is essential. Kids require a mix of foundational subjects, inspiring activities, and playful learning opportunities to explore the more natural parts of life. AtContinue reading “KidCare”

Veg Table Pop-Ups

Veg Tables is a whole-food plant based, nutritionist designed, and ayurvedic influenced pop-up catering service. Veg Tables events are interactive with conversation-café aspects, alongside the diverse, local, healthy food. Lunch and Dinner events will cycle through themes and include seasonal specialties. Guests will be prompted in-between courses to engage in creative activities. Live music willContinue reading “Veg Table Pop-Ups”

Crazee Creations

Crazee: “unpredictable and nonconforming” Wild Craft & Art I experiment with gourd craft, willow wrapping, leaf décor, and general nature art. I also paint with acrylics Food Creations Nutritional Bites Pop-up Veg Tables Whole-food Plant-Based lunches and dinners. Plus seasonal destination dinners at Myriad Village. Food Featuring Nature; for the love of Allergen-friendly, plant-based, nutrient-dense,Continue reading “Crazee Creations”

Therapy & Healing

Clarity Circles Clarity Circles are diverse offerings that will bring clarity to our deepest and darkest shadow selves. COSMIC WISDOM: A CIRCUIT WITH 1-ON-1 INSIGHTS FROM ACCREDITED TEACHERS AND PRACTITIONERS. IT IS GEARED FOR SEEKERS OF A MYRIAD OF WISDOM SOURCES. UP TO 8 DIFFERENT STATIONS WHICH MAY INCLUDE – PALMISTRY, CARICATURE ART, TAROT, IRIDOLOGY,Continue reading “Therapy & Healing”

Ways to Participate*

Yewtopia is an interactive space where we are continually seek feedback from the community to understand how we can do better together. This includes Challenges, Big Qs, Callouts, Reviews, and Surveys. NOVEMBER and DECEMBER Take a picture Winter bird Film a video Something funny Big Qs What grade of school did you like the best?Continue reading “Ways to Participate*”