PsySense 2022

PsySense ~ A skill-building festival focused on all our senses. Helping to develop a world with superhumans living & acting for the greatest good

Prepared to upgrade your intuition, inner vision, actionable, and subtle psychic abilities?? Your participation is not foolhardy, dark or ghostly. *This will be a positive-focused festival which will surely shift the way you interact with life and all else.

This weekend intensive will help to integrate all of our subtle waking and dream states into a clearer view, while teaching and facilitating high-functionality for a hopeful future. A major objective is to address the need for action against deep-rooted issues, and hold them in light while growing a brighter intention. With a collective deactivation from our potential to actualize utopia, we may feel forgotten and misguided; With misrepresentation and lack of understanding, we may feel stuck in impossibility.

Are you stuck in hopelessness to activate your healing journey or purposeful mission to help others?

What limitations do you experience that foster the disempowerment and makes real-world solutions out-of-reach?

We will work to weaken our conditioned ideas surrounding the concept of impossibilities of life that we accept. I invite you and your curiosity to join us in growing together, to foster balance, explore new skills, practice our innate gifts, and foresee a compresent utopian world.

Friday 28th ~ 11 am – 7:00 pm 

Saturday 29th ~ 9 am – midnight

A full day, with all meals included. Local, organic, plant-based, allergen-friendly. Saturday Day Pass $60 / Morning Movement 10:30 – noon, followed by Lunch/Breakfast Buffet / Dance Jam 10:00 – midnight, with cool down to follow 1am ish / Optional Extras *

Sunday ~ 12:00 pm – 8:30 pm

12:00 – 5:00 pm –> Drop-In Market / Lunch / Library Lounge Open / Healing Services available $$

Stop in to shop for sacred healing items, natural body care, and choose from the many services & discounted packages from local psychics.

3:00 pm –> Workshops resume for weekend pass participants –> Sensing Conditions in our Universe –> Compresent Actuality –> Collective Healing Spiral – A Call to Power

Parts of the Festival that are open to public free* (some purchases or donations apply for services offered at the time)

Friday 7pm onwards (Optional Potluck or Pay –> 7:00 – 8:30 pm (bring label with ingredient list and your own container if you can) ~ suggested $10 donation — followed by SkillShare Jam with Healing Lounge till 10 pm
Sunday ~ 12 – 6 pm (Psychic Marketplace open 12 – 5 ; With Library & Healing Lounge Open as well until 6pm)

Full Schedule *

Tickets *

Weekend Pass

Purchase HERE / or e-transfer instead with promo code in description*






See times available – ages 5+ / $10 per day


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