Crazee Creations

Crazee: “unpredictable and nonconforming” :Holly Alexandra Food Featuring Nature; for the love of Allergen-friendly, plant-based, nutrient-dense, sugar-free, gluten-free…. I truly enjoy embracing these challenges. A deeper part of me pulls me towards advocating for changes in how we as a society approach disease. For the mindful, curious, and creative people in how they approach health, wealth,Continue reading “Crazee Creations”

Therapy & Healing

Social Work 1-on-1 sessions and also group sessions as needed with Alba. Domestic violence, suicidal, crisis intervention, anger and stress management, relationships, assessments, legal interpreting and court support. In addition to case management, I provide services to individual, couples, family and group therapy in areas of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Also deal with depression, trauma, stress,Continue reading “Therapy & Healing”

Ways to Participate*

Yewtopia is an interactive space where we are continually seek feedback from the community to understand how we can do better together. This includes Challenges, Big Qs, Callouts, Reviews, and Surveys. Upon entering you are encouraged to add your own perspective* Art Submissions ~ Kids (ages 5-15) ~ Future after Cov-id Q and A WhatContinue reading “Ways to Participate*”