Therapy & Healing

Cosmic Wisdom Circuits

Field Star Healing by Nickeeya (Palm Readings, Handmade craft, Reiki)

Love Transmission

Luminosity Healing by Chelsea (Akashic Record Readings, ThetaHealing, Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki

Social Work


A way to experience a wide range of psychic services by receiving 1-on-1 insights from accredited teachers & practitioners, geared for seekers of wisdom. Up to 8 different circuits may include – Palmistry, Tarot, Birth chart analysis, Iridology, Personalized intuitive reading, Angel card reading, Akashic record readings, Caricature art, + more

Enjoy a wide variety of psychic experiences – Monthly around New Moon (Email to pre-register)


All about activating unconditional love into our lives through guided exercises, self-love processing, journaling and a releasing ritual to help cleanse the old ways of being. (2 hours – $20 – with take home resources)


1-on-1 sessions and also group sessions as needed with Alba. Domestic violence, suicidal, crisis intervention, anger and stress management, relationships, assessments, legal interpreting and court support. In addition to case management, I provide services to individual, couples, family and group therapy in areas of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Also deal with depression, trauma, stress, domestic violence, addiction, troubled relationships, grief, loss, bereavement, self-esteem, anger-management, parenting assessments and issues. I have extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of agencies, networking and approaches in order to provide information/resources and referrals. Contact Alba Menjivar 

Email is preferred:, Cell #: (204) 995-9065 (Between 6 to 9 PM Monday to Friday) ***If I am not available please leave a Message/Email me and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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