Teachings ~

Scientific, Holistic, Empowering, Spiritual, Functional, Local, Adult Learning Environment, ESL friendly

A to Z

Building Creative Realities: Monthly on New Moon or by Appointment / Can facilitate groups as well $50/hour –> Begin to create your personalized success map and learn about growth mindset, organizing priorities, diversity thinking, and how your gifts can be fully expressed. This workshop will help you develop a system to help clear your mind, ground your intentions, and regularly check-in with your progress. We will be working in the present for the potential future, so there is greater chance to experience a successful reality. {$5-10 monthly dropin}

English Learning: conversation cafes, phonetic tips/tricks, translations, written to verbal practice. Suitable for all ages. Kids, Adults, Elders welcome. We embrace your traditional languages too! (by donation)

Friendships & Communication – Do you know how to talk to your friends about your thoughts and feelings?  Are you happy with the friendships you have in your life?  Or do you want to make better relationships?  Do you struggle with putting into words the thoughts and feelings you have?  Let’s explore together different ways we can communicate our true feelings and learn how to develop happier and healthier relationships in our lives. (by donation)

Journaling 101 – In this class we will work on journaling which is the number 1 cathartic tool we can use to help heal trauma, re-discover ourselves, or just have fun being creative.  Everybody has a story to tell.  Let me help you put your story together and let’s journal!  Only supplies necessary are paper and pen, and your beautiful mind. (by donation)

Nutrition Workshop: (2 hours) This session will include a transformative introduction and kick-start to your healing journey. Includes: facilitated self-assessment, follow along activities, conversation style circuits, and take-home summarized tips, tables, and references sheets for you to review and share. {$50 /2 for $80}

Psychic Senses: (4 hour intensive) Intro to Psychic Senses, Potential of the Pineal, Illumination, Channeling/Discerning to get the Right Decision, Sensing Conditions in our Universe, Notetaking {$20}

Sacred Economics: (4 hour intensive) Inspired by Charles Eisenstein. Learn about the abundance unfolding through sharing generous loving energy and other presents and gifts. Learning to appreciate the beauty and true value in our economic world with what we have now. {$20}

Self-Exploration & Self-Esteem —> For Adults – Who am I and How do I feel about myself are two questions we will explore.  How to identify negative thoughts and feelings and de-rail self-sabotaging habits. —-> (For Children) – Let’s learn about who we are and how to feel good about ourselves.  Take a fun journey with Cindy Lou and learn about different ways to feel good about yourself. Ask me if you want additional information.  We will be doing exercises that are fun and simple to do and learning how to feel good about who we are and where we are going. {$5-10}

This 4-Letter Word: plus many more / Love Book: A follow along journey that celebrates the connections between our everyday lives and the concept of This 4-letter word: Love  (one of the most powerful words we can define) Each chapter has a follow along aspect to ponder, complete, and reflect on. Join the journey with a group that can will receive chapter by chapter along with you * $5 for Part 1 and 2, and then once the full book is published, you can purchase $5 off 

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