Learning ~

Building Creative Realities: (90 min) Come and create your personalized success map and learn about growth mindset, organizing priorities, diversity thinking, and how your gifts can be fully expressed. This workshop will help you develop a system to help clear your mind, ground your intentions, and regularly check-in with your progress. We will be working in the present for the potential future, so there is greater chance to experience a successful reality. {$5-10}

Nutrition Workshop: (2 hours) This session will include a facilitated self-assessment, a follow along activity, conversation style circuits, and also I will send many summarized tips, tables, and reference sheets for you to review and share. {$50 /2 for $80}

Sacred Economics: (4 hour intensive) There is no tuition for this class. Inspired by Charles Eisenstein. Learn about the abundance unfolding through sharing generous loving energy and other presents and gifts. Learning to appreciate the beauty and true value in our economic world with what we have now. {$5-10}

Spanish Classes: Drop-in offered to adults in a conversational setting. Open to beginners and all levels. We have children’s classes too, which also include music, arts, and crafts. To register call: 204 995 9065 Email preferred albakm@yahoo.com *Can also offer 1 hr appointments 1-on-1, useful to clarify, practice, or learn more @ $40 hour adult or $20 hour per student/youth

This 4-Letter Word: plus many more: A follow along journey that celebrates the connections between our everyday lives and the concept of This 4-letter word: Love  (one of the most powerful words we can define) Each chapter has a follow along aspect to ponder, complete, and reflect on. Join the journey with a group that can will receive chapter by chapter along with you * $5 for Part 1 and 2, and then once the full book is published, you can purchase $5 off 

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