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Building Constructive Realities

(2 hr.) Group 5-12 ~ Come and create your personalized success map and learn about growth mindset, organizing priorities, diversity thinking, and how your gifts can be fully expressed. Book date/time after purchase*


Self-Exploration & Self-Esteem

(2 hr.) For Adults – Who am I and How do I feel about myself are two questions we will explore. How to identify negative thoughts and feelings and de-rail self-sabotaging habits (90 min. For Children) – Let’s learn about who we are and how to feel good about ourselves. Take a fun journey with Cindy Lou and learn about different ways to feel good about yourself. Ask me if you want additional information. We will be doing exercises that are fun and simple to do and learning how to feel good about who we are and where we are going.




90 min session 1-on-1 ages 6 – 14 ~ Get a boost of confidence and wisdom / choose from the wide selection of subjects (see on the kidcare page) / can combine 2 per session. Includes unique handmade games/puzzles as well as take-home activities*


Creative Movement (ages 3-6)

Bi-weekly {May-Sept} with Rachelanne & Holly In this 45 minute class, students will be introduced to the joy of dance through movement exploration. It is a great introduction to the fundamentals of dance using imagination, props, and creative dance games.


Creative Development Drop-in

3 hour drop-in – for ages 8 – 12 ~ combines body games, circle games, and a chosen project or craft. Great for when you got errands to do, or if your seeking to introduce your kid to new friends (read about the detail plans on the calendar)


Singing/Songwriting (ages 8-12)

10 week class with Holly & Kiva Mondays 6:30 pm This class will enhance musicality by offering a chance to practice singing, harmonizing, and rhythm. Kids who already sing and write lyrics can further work on individual projects with 1-on-1 time, and we will also develop the ability to write stories and create songs as a group.


Festivals / Retreats

Psychic Senses Festival

Pre-Sale: Before Sept 1st Weekend Pass (Oct 28th – 30th) PsySense is focused on all our senses that play a part of our everyday lives. This weekend intensive will help to integrate all of our subtle waking and dream states into a clearer view, while teaching and facilitating high-functionality for a hopeful future.


Psychic Senses Festival

Day Pass – Saturday 9:30 am – 9:30 pm with Lunch and Dinner included



$10 per day


Fresh Food

Seasonal Buyers Club Pass

Gain access to bulk ordering for quality products, with an invite to a simple chart for dividing larger quantities, and get fresh foods ‘at-cost’ all year round. Redeem discounts on select goods/services sold at Yewtopia. Weekly or Bi-weekly we take your order, and pack a custom bundle of groceries from any items in-store for you to pick-up. We also can take your compost*


Large CSA bundle

(3-4 people) Stock you up with family portions of vegetables and fruit. Choose from 1 or 2 specialty items. $2 fee added


Small CSA Bundle

(1-2 people) Focus on fresh foods, with a choice of 1 specialty item or grain/seed package. $2 added fee for packing


Medium CSA Bundle

(2-3 people) Includes what is fresh and also plant-based staples such as legumes, grains, seeds. Can pick from 1 or 2 specialty items. $2 fee added



Movement Sessions

Movement Exploration (Fridays 6:30pm)

New Class ~ Feldenkrais is a form of somatic education that uses a series of gentle movements & awareness to improve the way you think, move & feel. It decreases pain; enhances flexibility, coordination and ease of movement. Get a monthly pass here*


Group Martial Arts Class

90 Min. Up to 10 people. Choose from many varieties of classic and modern disciplines taught by Michaud ~ Qi-Gong, Kung Fu, Self Defense, Tai Kwan Do; Zen Archery. (Personal Development, Strengthening, Mindfulness)


FreeDance (check calendar)

This 2 hour experience includes live music & toning; toning. It is a free-style dance event with fun rhythmic music and toning; full ranged ecstatic movements are encouraged. ‘Ecstatic’ can be known as a feeling or expression of overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. See dates on calendar*


Mobility Training (Thurs 6-7 pm)

New Class ~ Open to all skill levels and is a moderate-high intensity workout that helps to improve our range of movement so we can be more mobile and able to carry out everyday tasks, or other movement sessions! Get a monthly pass here*


Pop-up Catering Events

Therapy & Healing

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