Veg Table Pop-Ups

Veg Tables is a whole-food plant based, nutritionist designed, and ayurvedic influenced pop-up catering service. Veg Tables events are interactive with conversation-café aspects, alongside the diverse, local, healthy food. Lunch and Dinner events will cycle through themes and include seasonal specialties. Guests will be prompted in-between courses to engage in creative activities. Live music will be hired when each event reaches 75% capacity.

Veg Tables will host at least 1 dinner and 1 lunch service each month. And we will be partnering with other local plant-based foodie’s, such as Mary Jane from Mary Jane’s Cooking School as well as Plant-Based Winnipeg group.

Veg Tables Dinners

2-hour dine-in experience. Full 3-course ticket with drink. Each dish packed with some of the best organic seasonal food with thoughtful Ayurvedic-influenced food combinations.

E-transfer for pre-purchase tickets (include your name, how many tickets, contact number) $70 ‘ dinner for 4 ’ / 3 for $55 / $20 per individual ticket. Tips are much appreciated for service & live music.  

Coming up *

Monday August 22nd 6 pm – 8 pm  ~ To-Go Popup ~ With choice of fresh sprouts to take home. This pop-up will be conversation cafe style where you can eat with your group at a table, or take your food into the alleyway setup for a more community meal with foody talking points and activities, or take it ‘to-go’ at the Cube where there is live entertainment from 7 till 10 pm. You can of course do all 3 as well! (app, main, dessert)

Sunday July 31st  7:30 – 10 pm ~ Date Night ~ $50 per couple, includes full dinner service, choice of activities for connection, and live music for dessert

Aug 22nd

Single ticket


Aug 22nd

Dinner for 4


Aug 22nd

Dinner for 3


July 31st

Date Night for 2


Veg Tables Lunches

A more light-hearted experience. Also special themed lunches. See what we got planned ~

E-transfer for pre-purchase tickets (include your name, how many tickets, contact number, dine-in or to-go) $40 ‘lunch for 3 deal’ / 2 for $28 / $15 per individual ticket. Can also choose ‘to-go’ for a $1 packaging fee.

Register to get notified of future events though text/email 204-899-3925 /

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