Greening the Gaps

Starting in 2020, a 7 year dream came to life.

Of love and support to “make the movement move.” (Nahko) One puzzle of the

Your help is vital to create a Utopian Dream in Winnipeg and help to influence other cities to begin making collaborative efforts to enhance biodiversity, food security, health of humans, and development of interdependence and resilience. BIODIVERSITY is one of our only chances to survive what is coming~~~

Help us bring love and life to the forgotten places πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€

Donations are accepted through e-transfer ~

Much Love,
Yew Holal

The work so far*

Healthy pollinated neighborhoods have been canvassed for resources and we are looking to match these up with homeowners who are looking to enhance their yards with fresh trees or perennials.

Tree Service

Includes monitoring for up to 2 years and if it is not doing well or dies, we will replace it with nature’s abundance.

Cherries ~ less than 1 foot $20

Maple ~ less than 1 foot $15, 1-2 ‘ $20

Ash & Elm ~ less than 1 foot $20, 1-2 ‘ $25, 2-3’ $30, 3+ feet = $40

Poplar ~ 1-3 ‘ $30, 4-6 ‘ $60

*A bit of learning: there should be no concern with transplanting a new elm or ash sapling for fear of disease. These catastrophes are mostly due to the mono-cultural planting of these species in our city spaces which leads to less resiliency to pests and disease. Climate change is also a factor which creates the right conditions for these situations to develop into such severe cases. *Greening the Gaps is hoping to alleviate the work load of urban forestry by helping to transplant in areas of most need, while they concentrate on tree and stump removal.


Low Shrubs:

Tiger Lilies (part-shade)

Ferns (with fiddle heads to harvest when young) (shade friendly)

Hostas (part-shade)


Small-leaf Purple Lilac (4-5 feet high)

Garden Services

1st year we establish a foundation for the seedlings for year 2. Cost ranges from $1-2/sq ft based on amount of groundwork needed. A plan that includes more than 250 sq ft of garden bed would increase the amount of loads of materials and work days, and an established lawn that needs upturning increases the labour required.

A common example is a fenced backyard with flat grass which would be upturned and layered with a natural ‘lasagne’ layered foundation. See slideshow below showing this step-by-step process.

‘Lasagne’ Layers:

An example of the garden expansion at Myriad Village in 2020, first cardboard over the ‘quackgrass’
Straw and manure for the next layers
Biodynamic technique of cow horn full of manure for good energy, to dig up later for a nutritious fertilizer.
Finished product after a few layers of straw, cardboard, manure/compost/soil, all set with rows for a spring seed planting

Option 1: You garden for yourself!

We are passionate about proactively designing grass free landscapes, fostering food secure families. A full food forest garden consultation is included in these prices, which offers a detailed map of where to plant the seeds, determined from a discussion of your dietary needs.

Option 2: We garden for you!

2nd and subsequent years starts at $300 for a garden size smaller than 250 sq feet. This includes the cost of seeds and our service of planting and weeding. You harvest based on our instructions when crops are ready! This price can be compared to a common CSA half-share for 15 weeks or can be thought of a savings from a standard $25 – $30 weekly organic grocery shop = $375 – $450. The added benefits of the garden being in your yard is that you can skip the stress of washing all the b-12 rich dirt off some of the crops since you can be assured of cleanliness, while being able to see the growth each week and know that you will be nourished by the plant power of nature in due time!

Option 3: We garden for us!

This means that you are renting us a plot on your property for us to garden and sell at market. There can be varied negotiations such as if you want a certain vegetable or herb grown within this garden and we deduce this from the rental fee per season.

Option 4: We establish a plot for your neighbour!

Our accredited evaluation of the best location and service of lasagne layers for future planting, along with a match-up of a friendly neighbour that does not have access to a garden opportunity. They rent from you each year, with the unique benefit of varied negotiations as mentioned above.

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