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We accept cash, credit, and e-transfer.

Greener Gifts Always & Weekly Monday Markets

Monday – Wednesday (12 – 6 pm) our store is open.

Follow along on IG #yewtopiawpg for access to daily stories and live content from pop-up markets, surplus sales, and other events.

We will be celebrating the bounty of nature. Supporting the producers who make the effort to grow and regenerate the land; who grow food that is naturally organic, seasonal, traditional to the area, and also diverse for the environment long-term.

Pre-order Weekly CSA BundlesWeekly / As Needed / No Contract /Fresh / Local / Nourishing

We can have a unique and custom filled grocery bundle ready for a Pickup or Delivery through DoorDash. Monday – Wednesday 11 am – 10 pm. With calculated 30% losses.

Better deal to order directly from us yewtopiawpg@gmail.com Choose from any of the following sizes:

We accept e-transfer including total of goods and services plus $2 delivery.

You can pay with Mastercard upon delivery spot, or with cash. Email if you need a receipt.

Weekly Monday or Wednesday central drop-off at Winnipeg Square, Portage Place, or Pickup times between 12 and 7, with ability to hire a local delivery if needed outside of the current bike routes. Swap a bin or bring your own cooler to be filled. Contact by email for pickup appointments on Thursdays or Fridays. yewtopiawpg@gmail.com

Food List

Dehydated – herbs & veggies from 7 AM Farm:
Yellow/Black/Orange Carrot, Red Beet, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange Tomato, Carrot Top, Celery, Garlic, 3-Onion
Herbs – banana/black/chocolate/pepper mints, summer savoury, butterfly pea flower, 3-basil, thyme, catnip

$10/3 – $25/5 or $40
$8/3 for $20
Kimchi – vegan and regular spiced from Cook’s Creek$11.99
Mushrooms – nutritional and medicinal from Purp’s Produce
Lions Mane
Fresh Fridge Packs on select dates*

$10/3 for $25
Crickets – sustainable protein with numerous health benefits
Powder 100%
Roasted Whole (BBQ, Dill Pickle, Salt/Vinegar)

HoneySweet Makers creamed honey 1kg$16
Energy Bites – Crazee Creations
Pumpin – pumpkin seed and flax seed based (4 kinds: Goji, Chai, Spice, Sea)
Hemp – (4 kinds: Halva, Fig-berry, Sun-cherry, Caramel-currant)
And more!
$3 each bar
$5 for 4 bites
$10 for
$1 each/20+ bites
Chocolate Bars – from Helpful Beans
Ask about selections or View on IG Stories
$4 each/4 for $15
Ghee – pure & infused varieties from Rasa Holistic
Pure Lactose-free / Clarified butter (250, 500, 750 ml)
Infusions (Elder Warrior, Saffron, Lavender, Reishi, Pitta, Vata, Kapha, and more*

$17 -33
Manitoba Grains, Seeds, Pulses:
Quinoa (Prairie Quinoa) –> $5 / lb
Wild Rice (Kagiwiosa Manomin) –> $8.75 1lb or $17 2lb
Flax (Rigby Orchard Farms) –> $5 / 1lb or $17 / 4lb
Naked Oats / Wild Rice Blend (Adagio Acres) –> $6 / 600 g
Hulled Hemp Seeds (River Valley Farms) –> $7 / 1lb or $24 4lb

Veg Tables Tickets for Sale:

Dates Coming Soon

2 hour: Dinner Ticket for 2

Full 3-course dinner ticket. Packed Full To-Go or Dine-in with tip for service and live music. Whole-food plant based, nutritionist designed, and ayurvedic approved food combining. E-transfer $50 with details explaining (name, contact) if you wish to purchase a ‘dinner for 3 deal’


Weekday Noontime Lunch

Includes fruit opening course, followed with whole-food organic and local meal. Price includes GST. Can be eco-packed to-go! Can purchase 3 for $40! How to: Purchase one at $15 and email us your name and we can reserve our table and accept the remaining $25 on the day of by cash, credit, or e-transfer.



Gratitudes ~

{Foods} 7 AM Farm, Back to Earth Gardens, Caribou Creations Bannock, Crazee Creations, Fireweed Food. Helpful Beans, Prairie Cricket Farms, Purp’s Produce,

{Handmade/Wild Craft} Plenty, Bear & Raven, Chuck Blocks, Moth & Moon Macra, R.Scape, Shagal Jeans Ltd, Woodland Spirits Soap

{Myriad Village} – Black Hive Honey, Beyond Creative Building, Live Caricature Art / Ceramic Figures by Justin, Crazee Creations, Earth Alchemy Herbals, Palmistry by Nickeeya, Feild Star Healing,

Yewtopia Winnipeg

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Myriad Village

Let’s build a utopia together.

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