General Store

We accept cash, credit, and e-transfer in-store.

Fresh Produce

During the winter season we are directing your welcomed interest in supporting local to Fireweed Food Coop. Stay tuned for more Monday Markets at 87 King Street which will be supplied by Fireweed’s new distribution center.

Staples & Snacks

Dehydated Fruit/Veggies – fruit ‘leathers’, powdered veggies, & soup mixes
Strawberry 100%, Strawberry/Mango, Strawberry/Apple Cinnamon, and Strawberry/Pineapple
Apple 100%, Apple Cinnamon
Chili Onion Toppers
And More!


Kimchi – vegan and regular spiced $11.99-$12.99
Mushrooms – nutritional and medicinal dehydrated packs
Lions Mane
Powder or Whole mushrooms, and soup mixes too*

Crickets – sustainable protein powder with numerous health benefits
Powder 100%
Smoked BBQ

Honey – Faith Apiaries and Black Hive Honey
Liquid 500ml
Creamed 500 ml
Liquid 1L
Creamed (Black Hive) 1L

Energy Bites – allergen free, raw vegan
Pumpin – pumpkin seed and flax seed based (4 kinds: Goji, Chai, Spice, Sea)
Hemp – (4 kinds: halva, fig-berry, sun-cherry, caramel-currant)
And more!
$1.50 each
$5 for 4
$1 each/20+

Veg Tables Tickets for Sale:

November 8th – Dinner Service 5:30 – 7:30 pm ($20 or 3 for $50)

Dinner Ticket

Full 3-course dinner ticket. Whole-food plant based, nutritionist designed, and ayurvedic approved food combining. Contact if you wish to purchase 3 tickets for $50

20.00 C$


{Vegetables} 7 AM Farm, Back to Earth Gardens, Fresh Forage

{Other food} Cooks Creek Kimchi, Faith Apiaries, Food for Folks, Prairie Cricket Farms,

{Handmade} Black Hive Honey, Plenty

{Wild Craft/Plant Medicine} 7 AM Farm

Yewtopia Winnipeg

Cup of Love ❤

Crazee Creations (Veg Tables WFPB Pop-ups)

Fireweed Food Coop

Karma Yoga

Myriad Village

Plant Lab Botanical Design

Yewtopia Winnipeg (Youtube)

Myriad Village

Let’s build a utopia together.

Call 204-899-3925 to ask about how to display your goods in-store.

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