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Fresh Produce

During the winter season we are directing your welcomed interest in supporting local. Stay tuned for more Monday Markets at 87 King Street in the New Year*

Greener Gifts

Follow along on IG #yewtopiawpg for virtual sales and direct deliveries from makers.

Shop in-store by calling in-advance 204-899-3925

Purchase $20 gift packs

Staples & Snacks

Dehydated – fruit ‘leathers’, veggies, soup mixes from Food for Folks
Strawberry 100%, Strawberry/Mango, Strawberry/Apple Cinnamon
Apple 100%, Apple Cinnamon
Chili Onion Toppers
And More!
From 7 AM Farm:
Yellow/Black/Orange Carrot, Red Beet, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange Tomato, Carrot Top, Celery, Garlic, 3-Onion
Infused Coconut Oil – with carrot, onion, lemon, celery, thyme
Herbs – banana/black/chocolate/pepper mints, summer savoury, butterfly pea flower, 3-basil, thyme, catnip


$10/3 for $25/5 for $40
$8/3 for $20
Kimchi – vegan and regular spiced from Cook’s Creek$11.99-$12.99
Mushrooms – nutritional and medicinal from Purp’s Produce
Lions Mane
Ultra Mix – soup/sauce uses
Fresh Fridge Packs – oyster or lions mane

$10/3 for $25
Crickets – sustainable protein with numerous health benefits
Powder 100%

Honey – Faith Apiaries and Black Hive Honey
Liquid 500ml
Creamed 500 ml
Liquid 1L
Creamed (Black Hive) 1L

Energy Bites – allergen free, raw vegan
Pumpin – pumpkin seed and flax seed based (4 kinds: Goji, Chai, Spice, Sea)
Hemp – (4 kinds: halva, fig-berry, sun-cherry, caramel-currant)
And more!
$1.50 each
$5 for 4
$1 each/20+
Chocolate Bars – from Helpful Beans
Mexico, Peruvian, Papua New Guinea

$4 each/4 for $15

Veg Tables Tickets for Sale:

December 4th Pop-up Dinner Catering

Dinner Ticket

Full 3-course dinner ticket. Packed To-Go. Whole-food plant based, nutritionist designed, and ayurvedic approved food combining. E-transfer $50 with details explaining (name, contact) if you wish to purchase a ‘dinner for 3 deal’


FEATURED in December,

Black Hive Honey (IG, FB, Web)

Crazee Creations

Halowaty’s Handcrafts

Helpful Beans

Plant Lab Botanical Design

Posh Pampas


{Produce} 7 AM Farm, Back to Earth Gardens, Fireweed Food Coop Veggies {sold only at First Fridays}, Fresh Forage, Purp’s Produce,

{Other food} Cooks Creek Kimchi, Faith Apiaries, Food for Folks, Prairie Cricket Farms,

{Handmade} Plenty, Chuck Blocks,

{Myriad Village} – Black Hive Honey,

{Wild Craft/Plants} 7 AM Farm, Plant Lab, R.Scape,

Yewtopia Winnipeg

Cup of Love ❤

Karma Yoga

Greener Gifts

Monthly throughout winter*

Spring Market in May*

Yewtopia Winnipeg (Youtube)

See IG below {yewtopiawpg}

Myriad Village

Let’s build a utopia together.

Call 204-899-3925 to ask about how to display your goods in-store.

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