Cooperative Marketing

…Celebrating people who create handmade craft, sacred gifts, functional items, grow pure food, provide healing, offer wisdom teachings, host community events, and all who help to build for the greater good for all…

We accept cash, credit, paypal, & e-transfer.

When can you shop ~

Farmer’s Market Weekly Mondays 12 – 7 pm

Also open:

  • Sunday Sundays in the Exchange (first Sunday of the month) 11 to 4 pm
  • Last Sunday Sales (last Sunday of the month) 11 to 4 pm
  • First Fridays (#firstfridayswinnipeg) See calendar for special hours*
  • Last Fridays ~ Alleyways in the Exchange (Last Fridays in summertime)
  • Extra Hours* (on our calendar as SHOP OPEN)

Follow along on IG #yewtopiawpg for access to Monday virtual shops & live content from pop-up markets, surplus sales, and other community events.

Food List
What we got stocked *Buyers Club $
Veg Tables – Whole-food plant-based feasts – 3-course with interactive elements and enlightening atmostphere
Mushrooms – from Purp’s Produce
Crickets – sustainable protein with plenty more benefits
Powder 100%
Roasted Whole (BBQ, Dill Pickle, Salt/Vinegar)


Energy Bites – Crazee Creations
Pumpin – pumpkin & flax seed (Goji, Chai, Spice, Sea)
Hemp – Mulberry-Apple, Fig-raisin, Sun-cherry, Caramel-currant
See more below*
$1.50 each
$5 for 4
$1 each 20+
$1 each
Sweet – Carob-cranberry, Cinnamon-raisin, Sesame-apricot, Mixed-berry crunch, Coconut-mulberry, Peppermint fudge, Pumpkin-berry, Hemp Halva$2 each
10 for $15
$1.50 each
Join our Buyers Club Gain access to bulk ordering, with an invite to a simple chart for dividing larger quantities, and get fresh foods ‘at-cost’ all year round. Redeem discounts on select goods/services sold at Yewtopia. Weekly or Bi-weekly we can pack a custom bundle of groceries. We also can take your compost*

$5 per month

Gratitudes ~ Yewtopia Winnipeg

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