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We accept cash, credit, and e-transfer.

Greener Gifts Always & Weekly Monday Markets

Monday – Wednesday (12 – 6 pm) our store is open. We will extend into weekends and evenings when help is more available through capacity building and added marketeers. Our whiteboard will always show what is fresh and available each day.

Follow along on IG #yewtopiawpg for access to daily stories and live content from pop-up markets, surplus sales, and other events.

We will be celebrating the abundant bounty of nature. We support the people who make the effort to grow and regenerate; who grow food, who provide healing, who offer workshops, who help to market and share…

Pre-order Weekly CSA BundlesWeekly / As Needed / No Contract / Local / Nourishing

We can have a unique and custom filled grocery bundle ready for a Pickup or Delivery.

See on the Monday Market Page what is fresh and available. Choose from any of the following sizes:

Food List

Dehydated – herbs & veggies from 7 AM Farm:
Yellow/Black/Orange Carrot, Red Beet, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange Tomato, Carrot Top, Celery, Garlic, 3-Onion
Herbs – mint, summer savoury, butterfly pea flower, 3-basil
See what is harvested bi-weekly starting August 2nd (Monday Market)

$10/3 – $25/6 – $40
$8/3 – $20
Kimchi – regular spiced, vegan spicy, and mild white varieties from Cook’s Creek
Dehydrated packs
Mushrooms – nutritional and medicinal from Purp’s Produce
Lions Mane

Crickets – sustainable protein with numerous health benefits
Powder 100%
Roasted Whole (BBQ, Dill Pickle, Salt/Vinegar)

HoneySweet Makers creamed honey 1kg$16
Energy Bites – Crazee Creations
Pumpin – pumpkin seed & flax seed based (Goji, Chai, Spice, Sea)
Hemp – Halva, Fig-raisin, Sun-cherry, Caramel-currant
Sweet – Carob-cranberry, Cinnamon-raisin, Spicy apricot, Sesame-apricot, Mixed-berry crunch, and more*
$1.50 each
$5 for 4 bites
$1 each/20+ bites
Chocolate Bars – from Helpful Beans
100% Peru, 70% Honduras, Vietnam, Papau New Guinea ; Spicy cayenne ; Coffee bar
$4 each/4 – $15
Ghee – pure & infused varieties from Rasa Holistic
Pure Lactose-free / Clarified butter (250, 500, 750 ml)
Infusions (Elder Warrior, Saffron, Lavender, Reishi, Pitta, Vata, Kapha, and more*

$17 -33
Manitoba Grains, Seeds, Pulses:
Quinoa (Prairie Quinoa) –> $5 / lb SOLD OUT
Wild Rice (Grade A, C, broken)–> $9 – 10 1lb or $30-33 4lb
Flax (Rigby Orchard Farms) –> $5 / 1lb or $17 / 4lb
Naked Oats / Wild Rice Blend (Adagio Acres) –> $6 / 600 g
Rolled Oats (Adagio Acres) –> $4.00
Hulled Hemp Seeds (River Valley Farms) –> $7 / 1lb
Pinto Beans & Black Lentils –> $3.50

Veg Tables Tickets for Sale:

Dates Coming Soon

2 hour: Dinner Ticket for 2

Full 3-course dinner ticket. Packed Full To-Go or Dine-in with tip for service and live music. Whole-food plant based, nutritionist designed, and ayurvedic approved food combining. E-transfer $50 with details explaining (name, contact) if you wish to purchase a ‘dinner for 3 deal’


Weekday Noontime Lunch

Includes fruit opening course, followed with whole-food organic and local meal. Price includes GST. Can be eco-packed to-go! Can purchase 3 for $40! How to: Purchase one at $15 and email us your name and we can reserve our table and accept the remaining $25 on the day of by cash, credit, or e-transfer.



Gratitudes ~

{Foods} 7 AM Farm, Back to Earth Gardens, Caribou Creations Bannock, Crazee Creations, Fireweed Food. Helpful Beans, Prairie Cricket Farms, Purp’s Produce,

{Handmade/Wild Craft} Abstractx Flow, Bear & Raven, Chuck Blocks, Moth & Moon Macra, Petal & Hive, Plenty, R.Scape, Shagal Jeans Ltd, Woodland Spirits Soap

{Myriad Village} – Black Hive Honey, Beyond Creative Building, Live Caricature Art / Ceramic Figures by Justin, Crazee Creations, Earth Alchemy Herbals, Palmistry by Nickeeya, Feild Star Healing,

Yewtopia Winnipeg

Read About Us for Creative Offerings from Our Members*

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Myriad Village

Let’s build a utopia together.

Call 204-899-3925 to ask about how to display your goods in-store.

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