*Greening the Gaps ~ Myriad Village


Online Courses: Coursera – World-class learning for anyone, anywhere Innerversity – Knowing everything isn’t enough; you must experience Refine the Mind Courses – Escape the Rat Race, Waking Up from the Matrix, Remembering Your True Power Veg Health Institute – Vegan Mastery & Certificate Courses Sacred Economics: There is no tuition for this workshop. ParticipantsContinue reading “Learning”


Yewtopia is a place for freedom of movement & mindful expression. There are many ways to move our bodies and as winter approaches we are happy to offer an opportunity to continue with a healthful and diverse movement practice. Check out the categories below*

Ways to Participate*

Yewtopia is an interactive space where we are continually seek feedback from the community to understand how we can do better together. This includes challenges, questions, callouts, and surveys. Upon entering you can add your own perspective* Art Submissions ~ Kids (ages 5-15) ~ Future after Cov-id Q and A What service would you loveContinue reading “Ways to Participate*”

The Story of Yew

The yew tree is traditionally known to be resilient, strong, and hearty. Some of the oldest living yews are logged at being over 7000 years old. Commonly growing next to churches and within cemeteries, they are known to symbolize protection, healing, as well as life, death, and regeneration after difficult times. The ability of theContinue reading “The Story of Yew”

Recurring Events*

We are happy to introduce some new additions to the calendar! As the fall season approaches there is a greater need to have a safe and open place to carry on with our activities; Especially for youth, families, and students.

Greening the Gaps

A 7 year dream come to life. Started the work and am reaching out for support to “make the movement move.” (Nahko) Your help is vital to create a Utopian Dream in Winnipeg and help to influence other cities to begin making collaborative efforts to enhance biodiversity, food security, health of humans, and development ofContinue reading “Greening the Gaps”

Monday Market

All are welcome* This market is free entry. Follow us on Instagram to know about any unique additions each week. Pre-Order for the a Quick Pickup in-store or choose from the 10 minute Downtown Meet-up times. Call 204-899-3925 to pre-order. For Producers: The application process will be thorough to ensure that the guidelines of single-useContinue reading “Monday Market”

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