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Alba, Henry, Holly

Alba Menjivar

As a social worker, graduated from the University of Manitoba, she has managed a private practice in Winnipeg since 2001. Her experience is diverse and her background as a person coming from a country (El Salvador) where violence and war was the norm, she is committed to helping people who are dealing with a number of issues like post-traumatic stress disorders and other issues of trauma from violence and abuse.

“I work with children and adults. My education includes; Nursing, Midwifery, Psychology and Educational courses, and I have gained a Mental Health First Aid certificate. In addition to Aboriginal healing and culture, Therraplay and MIM.”

“My work experience includes being a probation officer, community social worker at John Howard Society, Victim Services and volunteering in the community, Group facilitation, Domestic violence, Suicidal/Crisis intervention, Anger and Stress management, Relationships, and Legal Interpreting.”

Within Yewtopia, Alba hopes to offer a variety of community services and share resources. She is focused on helping families gain and maintain control in their life despite past traumas or present issues, and also to help them to see ahead into the future of a better, healthy life.

Sign up for Spanish Teachings* Email albakm@yahoo.com

Lis, Abla’s daughter will be hosting Zumbeeni within Yewtopia this year as well.

Henry Zacharias

Henry was raised in Winnipeg and finished high school in rural Ashern. His formal education is centered on health and wellness with a Diploma of Massage Therapy; Also studied Agriculture and Business Admin. He has also studied and taught Tai Chi.

His major passion is hand drumming which he has been passionately practicing since 1990. Some examples in his collection include Congas, Djembes, Talking Drum, Chimes, and Udu; As well many hand held instruments, he plays music in a universal way. His major passions involve music creation.

“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in Love” ~ Einstein

In his adult life he spent 6 1/2 years on the big Island in Belize, managing Health Spas, performing Live Music at Resorts, leading Full Moon Ceremonies on the Beach and rocking out in the bars. He has drummed for Poi Spinners, Belly Dancers, Meditations, Rituals, and also Co-founded Sacred Beats, a World Beat Improvisational Ensemble. Besides Sacred Beats, Henry performs with the bands, I Carumba, ’72, Load, Josetta Stych and the Creepers.

At Yewtopia, Henry will be leading rhythm workshops, Sonic Sound Baths, Drum Circles and offering Youth Drop-ins, as well as presenting bi-weekly FreeDance sessions with Sacred Beats Live – Coming Soon

Holly Alexandra

Holly is a transformative facilitator of compresence and creative rebirth;

  • a formal education in community economic development
  • aspiring to inspire in inner work with our passions and gifts.
  • making generous exchanges.
  • motivated to maintain an extension openly to the universe of inspiration and creativity while being grounded and connected to the network of love and daily life; such like a tree.

Coincidentally, the holly and yew tree have similar meaning, with an emphasis on healing, magic, and protection. Her birthday being October 31st is part of this story.

“Thankful and grateful for all the roots before me, the connections to current networks, and all the new projects that are setting a space of inclusion and togetherness.
No one is to blame. But we are all responsible for our healing.”

Her contributions include a city planning proposal called Greening the Gaps, which is a strategy to turn potential into opportunity for future environmental sustainability and public interest in resiliency in local food production. She also holds a certificate in nutrition and offers consulting to those transitioning lifestyles. A plant-based pop-up restaurant called Veg Tables is informed by her skills and experience in food service, ayurvedic food combining, and finding locally sourced fresh harvests. As a member of Myriad Village, she has launched the beginning phase of co-op marketing, networking, participatory action, and outreach; She also enjoys website and media creation, and of course the land and waters.


I am the owner of Plant Lab Botanical Design. In the past year I’ve learned that Plant Care = Self Care and it has changed my life for the better. So, I’m building a community of people who want to help each other love, care for and share plants.

I’m focused on helping people find the best plants for their needs, so they can enjoy the benefits and confidently care for them.

I offer Plant Design Consultations to help select tailored plants that will work best for you, your lifestyle and your space. And coaching if you need help with a problematic plant or have any care or propagating questions.

Connect with me on Instagram @plantlabbotanicaldesign

My new location will be at 68 Albert Street. Find us there very soon.

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