Community Drop-ins


Craft Nights (Monthly around Full Moon) Come and enlighten your senses by creating a piece of art, craft, or anything related to authentic expression. We will have materials available for use, by donation, as well as a follow-along activity to join voluntarily. You can come with your own projects of course too! *Drinks / Snacks $5

Dream Analysis: (Monthly around New Moon) Explore and investigate dreams together in a sharing circle styled workshop. This includes sleeping dreams from REM cycles, waking/day dreams, and also transcendental visions that we may have during meditation. There will be a mixture of group work and individual analysis, all with the amount of consensual advice or insight you are comfortable with. We will analyze any vivid memories we hold, and also our dream journals; Bring them along and we can share entertaining adventures, or any randomness that one may want to read aloud. You are also welcome if you do not have a journal or even remember your dreams, and instead may be interested in the concept of intuitive examination of subconsciousness. Resources can be used as needed as we discover themes and patterns, key plots, and what they may mean in regards to our deep subconscious selves.

Idea Jams: (Bi-Weekly) A fun event where new ideas are celebrated. Constructive feedback and clarification questions are facilitated and encouraged to help in the development of ideas. The goal is to share proposals for games, events, city policy, books, songs, really anything new* We encourage everyone to share openly and present your plan, project, or idea.

Hair Nights at the ‘Human Hair Cuts’ Cat Cafe (Monthly) Coming soon ~ Relax and enjoy a hair cut, buzz, hair wrap, or scalp cleanse with a cat in your lap… Let them purr away as you sip on a freshly brewed drink….

Open Mics: Call or Email ahead for performances longer than 20 min. and we can promote you. We invite a wide range of folks to participate — down tempo (soft control with more acoustic music, poems, and sharing) & upbeat (classic dance, singalong, comedy) **Room for vendors $5 donation to have a spot

Polarizing Perspectives: Inspired by ‘Becoming an Ally’ from Anne Bishop. With pre-selected hypothetical opposing viewpoints, we will work across the differences using focused step-by-step systems to help balance our real-life viewpoints. No one can have the same exact opinion and perspective, nor can we have any success if we are unwilling to open up to another’s. The goal of this session is to neutralize our, sometimes, rigid patterns which foster separation and can lead to conflicts.

Problem to Solution Orientation: Learn to shift your mindset and transform problem-focused thinking into a solution mindset. The world is full of bad news and we can become overwhelmed with this oppressive force and become disempowered, pessimistic, or even depressed and aloof to the greater good. This facilitated event will help to encourage, support, and orientate so that we can respond more healthfully to worldly affairs, or even everyday grievances.

Screenings and Debriefs: Watching movies or series is much more enjoyable when we can share the fun experience and talk about all the juicy details. Yewtopia plans to offer a variety to offer a variety of screening. Debriefs afterwards allows for retained learning and chance to learn something that you missed out on. Extra $5 entry fee –> popcorn or other snacks

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