We are ecstatic to host creative education and also provide services to help parents who are new to home-schooling/un-schooling, or any other alternative method. We believe that a positive learning environment is essential. Kids require a mix of foundational subjects, inspiring activities, and playful learning opportunities to explore the more natural parts of life. At Yewtopia we aim to balance these out accordingly, in relationship with the parents and kids who present themselves.

Subscribe to Kidcare for only $5/month: gain access to weekly digital content (worksheets, challenges, resources), monthly project templates, invitations to field trips/drop-ins/new classes, and a supportive chat group.

We offer tutoring in any of these subjects starting at $100/month or $25/hour

Holly also offers other services -> house-sitting, dog/other pet-sitting, dog walking, healthy and holistic house cleaning, organizational help, nutritional coursework, food prep/shopping help, gardening and green-design help,

Register Below:


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