Psychic Senses Festival

DATE CHANGED: Now Dec 31st – Jan 2 (Full Weekend Passes & Saturday Day Passes) Location TBA*

A skill-building festival focused on all our senses. Helping to develop a world with superhumans living and acting for the greatest good.

Prepared to upgrade your intuition, inner vision, actionable, and subtle psychic abilities??

Holly from Yewtopia, born on Halloween, is passionate about healing and community development. With these aspects in mind, combined with the yew tree symbolism of magical mystery, resilience, and longevity, this festival hopes to inspire and expand our senses. Your participation is not foolhardy, dark or ghostly. {Boo! haha} *This will be a positive-focused festival which will surely shift the way you interact with life as you know it.

PsySense is focused on all our senses that play a part of our everyday lives. Not to be closed off to the additional superhuman abilities, an instead expanding into the realms of collective universal lifetimes. This weekend intensive will help to integrate all of our waking and dream states into a brighter intention, while teaching and facilitating high-functionality for a hopeful future.

A major objective is to address the need for collaboration action against deep-rooted global issues. With a collective deactivation from our potential to actualize utopia, we may feel forgotten and misguided, with misrepresentation and lack of understanding, we may be left feeling impossibly irrelevant to the greater good. We may be part of a ‘minority’ in any left or right way we want to portray our power. Are you stuck in hopelessness to activating your healing journey.

Workshops/Sessions may help to weaken our conditioned ideas surrounding the concept of stardom, celebrity fandom, hero archetypes, and any other impossibilities of life that we accept. What limitations do you experience that foster the disempowerment and makes real-world solutions out-of-reach?

I invite you and your curiosity to join us in growing our senses together in balance.

Throughout 3 days, this is an opportunity to come together and foresee a compresent utopian world; In a world where everyone is welcomed to participate in action-research towards sustainable love in life. Whole food local meals throughout the day. Allergen-friendly, Raw and Cooked. Kidcare School and Childminding.

Learn to help heal trauma, impacting your surroundings as you grow with synergistic the uplifting power. Learn to enact greatness and practice superhuman goodness.

PsySense involves various teachings, workshops and exercises. Some things to look forward to:

– a dive into diverse psychic abilities and perspectives

– learn about the potential of the pineal gland and our uplifted posture to generate energy

– illumination and activation of innate superpowers

– individual and group sessions with practical activities to play with

– ecstatic dance and live music

– conversation cafes

– collective healing spiral

Friday ~ 11 am – 7 pm

Full schedule posted soon

11:30 –> Opening Ceremony
2:00 pm –> Lunch
7:00 pm –> Workshops End ~ Free to attend your own news years event, or stay for potluck and jam

Optional Potluck or Pay @ 7:00 pm (bring label with ingredient list and your own container if you can)

Saturday ~ 9:30 am – 9:30 pm

Full schedule posted soon

A full day, with all meals included. Local, organic, plant-based, allergen-friendly.

9:30 –> Movement Sessions Start
11:45 pm –> Lunch/Breakfast Buffet
6:45 pm –> Dinner Starts 9:30 pm –> Workshops End

Day Passes

Advanced $60

Before Dec 19 $80

Before Dec 27 $100

Sunday ~ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

12 – 4 pm –> Drop-In Market and Lunch Served

Stop in to shop for sacred healing items, natural body care, and choose from the many services and discounted packages from local psychic readers and healers.

4:00 pm –> Workshops resume for weekend pass participants


Full Weekend

Advanced $80

Before Nov 1 $110

Before Dec 1 $140

Saturday Day Pass $60

Includes dinner buffet (WFPB)

ChildCare & Kid School

$10 / day

ages 5+

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